Bill Coughran

Sequoia Capital

Bill is a technologist specializing in large-scale computing and networking systems with general management experience. Bill joined Sequoia Capital in late 2011 where he works as a partner and coach to founders and help them build effective technology-centric organizations; while at Sequoia, he served as an advisor to Google until 2015. His career in computer science spans more than two decades. He began his post-graduate career starting with individual research contributions in computational science and engineering (for semiconductor and circuit simulation, Raman optical amplifiers, convective fluid flow, …) and computer systems. Bill helped create and guide the development of numerous distributed systems, IP security projects, and applications of modeling and formal verification methods as well as converged (voice/data) network software, access, and switching products. More recently, he has contributed to large-scale Web service systems and products as well as client software. Now, he is an investor in and coach for developing companies.
Bill holds a B.S.& M.S. mathematics from the California Institute of Technology and a M.S. & Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford.