Faced with the complex task of managing massive amounts of data that must be backed up and secured, we are excited about Cohesity’s vision for converging data onto a unified, scale-out solution. Cohesity provides simpler data protection and powerful insight.

— Sase Janki, SVP of Technology

Traditional data protection for vSphere is too complicated

vSphere Admins have to protect a large volume of applications, while supporting tight business requirements (RTOs and RPOs). Legacy data protection solutions were designed more than 10 years ago, and haven’t kept up with today’s environments. Data protection typically consists of a complex patchwork of point products for target storage, backup software, media servers, proxies, replication, and disaster recovery.

Eliminate complexity with a unified platform for end-to-end data protection

Cohesity provides the only hyperconverged platform that eliminates the complexity of traditional data protection solutions by unifying your end-to-end data protection infrastructure – including target storage, backup, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud tiering. The Cohesity DataPlatform provides scale-out, globally deduped, highly available storage to consolidate all your secondary data, including backups, files, and test / dev copies. Cohesity DataProtect provides a complete backup and recovery solution, fully converged with the Cohesity DataPlatform. It simplifies backup infrastructure and eliminates the need to run separate backup software, proxies, media servers, and archival.

Integrate seamlessly with VMware and existing backup software

Cohesity DataProtect is fully integrated with vCenter and the vSphere API for Data Protection. Setting up a backup job is as simple as creating policies that specify your application SLA requirements, and assigning policies on a per VM basis.

Ensure fast Recovery Points and near-instantaneous Recovery Times

Cohesity DataProtect reduces RPOs to less than 15 minutes, and supports instantaneous RTOs by simply creating a clone of the backup VM and running the VM directly from the Cohesity platform.

Cohesity DataProtect supports granular VM, file and object-level recovery. Instant file-level search provides a Google-like wild-card search on Virtual Machines and individual files to accelerate recovery times.

Integrate seamlessly with all the leading cloud providers

Cohesity integrates natively with Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. CloudArchive provides long-term archival to the cloud, CloudTier extends the capacity of the local Cohesity cluster by tiering cold data to the cloud, and CloudReplicate supports off-site data protection and disaster recovery to the cloud.

Cut data protection costs by 80%

Cohesity reduces storage CAPEX with a scale-out storage fabric that provides global dedupe, compression, and zero-cost snapshots and clones. Cohesity DataProtect eliminates the need for separate backup software licenses and associated backup infrastructure. Cohesity simplifies operations and cuts OPEX by eliminating the need to provision, update, and manage individual target storage appliances and data protection software.

Complete your Virtual SAN hyper-convergence journey

Complement your Virtual SAN environment with a hyperconverged platform for secondary data. Virtual SAN simplifies your primary storage infrastructure, reduces costs, and increases performance. However, 80% of your data resides on secondary storage. Cohesity transforms your secondary storage – giving you the benefits of hyper-convergence for both primary and secondary data.