Video: Automating Data Protection for Oracle Database

By Team Cohesity • January 19, 2018

In this video, we demonstrate how Cohesity automates data protection for Oracle Database using RMAN, with support for source-side dedupe, Oracle RAC, and ASM. Also shown: How Cohesity backs up logs to enable any-point-in-time recovery.

Why is this of interest? As Rawlinson Rivera mentioned in a recent blog on this same topic, Oracle application owners and database admins face tough challenges when it comes to protecting a large number of databases. Data volumes are continuously expanding due to growth in database sizes, as well as regulatory compliance policies requiring increasingly extended data-retention periods.

And as a result, organizations end up considering expensive, complicated, and risky availability solutions. The hope is to find some form of data recoverability in the event of failure or corruption.

This video will give you an idea of how Cohesity is solving this problem. For an even closer look at the Oracle Rman topic, giveRawlinson’s very helpful blogs – Cohesity’s Space-Efficient Target and Source-Side Dedupe Integration For Oracle RMAN and Streamlining Oracle Database Protection and Recovery with Cohesity and Oracle Rman – a quick read.

Oracle Database: Automated data protection for Oracle with managed RMAN backups from Cohesity on Vimeo.