Secondary Storage

Is Eighty Percent of Your Data Really Secondary?

In a recent blog, our CEO, Mohit Aron, debunked an industry myth that secondary data only refers to backups. Secondary ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 27 Mar 2018
Secondary Storage

Storage Field Day Wrap-up: How Cohesity is Disrupting Legacy Backup

Cohesity recently had the privilege of hosting the awesome delegates from Storage Field Day 15 at our new headquarters in ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 22 Mar 2018
Secondary Storage

Recovering VMware Management Stack in Under 20 Minutes

When was the last time your organization was able to successfully test and validate recoverability of all management components of ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 27 Feb 2018
Secondary Storage

Breaking up with Legacy Backup

Last Wednesday was Valentine's Day. All over the globe, beautiful bouquets of red roses were presented, decadent chocolates were eaten, ... Read More

By Mike Kim • 22 Feb 2018
Secondary Storage

Car Shopping Becoming Amazon-Like, Secondary Storage Playing Key Role in Transformation

In the past fifty years, the car shopping process has not changed much. You browse, you haggle, you waste a ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 25 Jan 2018
Secondary Storage

End-of-Year Recognition for Converged Secondary Storage

It's the end of the year, which means it's time for editors to pick standouts in the industries they follow. ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 21 Dec 2017
Secondary Storage

Storage is “Cool” now, and Other Fun Times with Gartner

Who doesn't like being called COOL? (raises hand) It just so happens this year we were named Storage Technologies “Cool Vendor” ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 7 Dec 2017
Secondary Storage

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Storage?

Primary Storage Primary storage is mainly defined by its use case. It’s the data most frequently accessed by applications. It’s ... Read More

By Guest Blogger • 21 Nov 2017
Secondary Storage

Forrester Breakout Report Highlights Cohesity as a Secondary Storage Disrupter

Why is Cohesity disrupting integrated secondary storage and data protection?  Because secondary storage is one of the biggest pain points ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 7 Nov 2017

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