CEO Spotlight: KGO’s Ethan Bearman and Cohesity’s Mohit Aron Talk Shop

By Team Cohesity • November 30, 2017

In this CEO Spotlight interview, KGO talk-radio host Ethan Bearman picks the brain of Cohesity CEO Mohit Aron to share Mohit’s executive experience with listeners – many of whom aspire to start, or run, companies of their own. Mohit founded Cohesity in 2013 and co-founded Nutanix in 2009, so he has much CEO wisdom to offer.

Their discussion ranges from answering basic questions such as “What does Cohesity do?” (Short answer: Help companies do more with their backup infrastructure, and do it as a consolidation of Secondary Storage) to (roughly) “What was your biggest mistake as CEO and how would you fix it if you could go back in time?”

Bearman’s interview style is engaging, while Mohit’s answers are frank, educational, and shed a little light on the driving force behind a fast-growing company that’s competing in a white-hot space.

Have a listen. It will be the best nine minutes you spent today.