ChalkTalk Video: The Importance of Managing Secondary Global Data

By Team Cohesity • September 7, 2018

In this new ChalkTalk video, Storage Switzerland‘s George Crump and Cohesity Principal Architect, Darrin Chapman, discuss the challenges Cohesity is addressing in secondary data, and they walk through Cohesity’s new SaaS-based solution, Helios.

George describes secondary data as one of the biggest challenges in the data center today because it is growing at an incredible pace and is being stored in a variety of locations globally. “The criticality and importance of that data is actually increasing … getting our arms around secondary data is of the utmost of importance.”

Watch the video below to find out how Cohesity addresses that secondary data challenge with our data protection solutions. You will also see how the new Cohesity Helios solution allows enterprises to view and manage global data and applications, wherever they reside – on-premises, cloud, and at the edge – from a single, unified solution.

George and Darrin also discuss Helios’ powerful machine-driven, predictive analytics that allow enterprises to benefit from improved efficiencies – like an “intelligent assistant,” according to George.