Customer Testimonial: How Cohesity Helped Piedmont HealthCare Remove Painful Backups from To-Do List

By Team Cohesity • October 4, 2018

Healthcare providers have at least one very important thing in common: Uptime is critical to patient care. Yet like many healthcare providers, Piedmont HealthCare, located in North Carolina, was experiencing difficult backups that took hours to complete, difficult recoveries, and a lack of a proper test environment.

In this video, you will learn how – nine months into its Cohesity deployment – Piedmont HealthCare has resolved its backup and recovery issues that caused it to seek a new data protection solution. The healthcare provider now experiences:

  • Backups that previously took several hours to complete, are now completed in less than an hour.
  • Ability to recover a virtual machine in just minutes.
  • Ability to recover individual files in just seconds.
  • Groundwork laid to leverage the cloud in the future.

Watch the video to hear first-hand how Piedmont HealthCare can focus on patients without cumbersome backup and recovery issues getting in the way.