Introducing Cohesity Integration with Terraform

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By Chandrashekar Dashudu • August 14, 2020

Managing and running infrastructure at any scale involves a dizzying array of components and configurations. Moreover, different teams within an IT organization may need similar infrastructures with slight variations. That infrastructure may include multiple topographies and architectures, from on-premise to one or more cloud vendors.

While it’s possible to use infrastructure providers’ user or command line interfaces to spin up and configure components one at a time, the resulting library of configurations becomes increasingly difficult to organize and maintain in a simple and straightforward way.

This is where Terraform is a handy tool to manage the entire lifecycle of infrastructure using code. That means declaring infrastructure components in configuration files that are then used by Terraform to provision, adjust, and tear down infrastructure. 

Terraform lets you build, change, and version infrastructure safely and efficiently. It’s specifically designed to support and manage the lifecycle of a wide range of resources, including physical servers, networking, and SaaS products.

Cohesity recently published version 1.0.0 of the Cohesity Terraform plugin with support for VMware workflows. Before this release, the plugin already supported Physical Servers Cluster creation, Virtual Cluster Creation and Cluster Creation on Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure). With the latest release, you can now register VMware sources on Cohesity Cluster and Create Protection and Recovery jobs. 


The video takes you through the Terraform Plugin and talks about the different resources that you can use. You can learn more about this plugin by visiting the Terraform landing page on Developer portal.

This video covers the following sections:

  1. Introduction to Cohesity Terraform plugin
  2. AWS Instances creation
  3. Cluster Creation on the above AWS instances
  4. VMware source registration
  5. VMware VM protection
  6. VMware VM restoration

To learn more about this integration visit the Terraform Github page where we have hosted this integration and read the documentation on the Terraform providers website. We are constantly working on improving our integrations and adding more valuable resources and workflows. You can also learn more in our Hello Cohesity Developers blog and as always, we welcome your contributions to our public Github repository.