NPS Score in the 90s Means Something is Going Right

By Andrew Dobrov • October 12, 2018

When I joined Cohesity nine months ago, I found it hard to believe that our NPS score was above 90. At previous companies we celebrated scores in the 50s and 60s compared to an industry average range from 30 to 40. We actually wore an NPS score of 60 as a badge of honor and marketed it as a key differentiator.

Then I came to Cohesity and discovered what Customer Obsession really means.

The culture here is not just customer focused – we are literally customer obsessed. It starts with Mohit who is determined to change the world, wants our customers to rave about us, and will move mountains to make customers happy. That is a value deeply rooted across the organization and exemplified in our services culture. We strive to hire and maintain L3 caliber support and services talent, and our average CSAT score of 4.8 goes hand in hand with the off the charts NPS score.

When I first joined, I wondered whether we could keep this up or perhaps this was an early startup phenomenon.

I have learned over the last nine months that this is both sustainable and core to our identity. We achieved an NPS score above 90 for the year as we continue to hyper-scale the business. We actually achieved the highest NPS ever in the month of September, breaking 96 for the first time.

We will continue our customer obsession and never take a strong NPS score for granted. A sustained NPS over 90 means something is going right and we won’t overthink it.