Secondary Storage

Keeping Your Data Secure with Cohesity

In today’s world, securing data from various malicious threats is no longer a priority for just the medical, government or ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 26 May 2016
Secondary Storage

OASIS – Keeping the Cohesity File System Robust, Efficient, & Clean

The Cohesity filesystem, known as OASIS, keeps itself focused on providing the best read and write throughput and response times, ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 6 Apr 2016

Leverage Cloud for Long-Term Data Archival with Cohesity

Due to the astronomical growth of data over the past decade or so, enterprises are struggling to find ways to ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 1 Mar 2016

Announcing the Cohesity Data Platform v2!

As excited as I am to share the release of the Cohesity Data Platform v2, simply calling this a "v2" ... Read More

By Sunil Moolchandani • 10 Feb 2016

CrossRealms partners with Cohesity to Help Clients Resolve Secondary Storage Problem

IT services firm CrossRealms has become an Authorized Cohesity Reseller in Chicago. “Cohesity is a great fit for CrossRealms, said ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 12 Jan 2016

[Podcast] Cohesity Board Member Dan Warmenhoven on The Eigencast

Our newest board member, Dan Warmenhoven, recently joined Justin Warren of PivotNine on his new podcast, The Eigencast, to talk ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 11 Jan 2016

Happy Holidays from Cohesity!

The holidays are always a festive time of year, regardless of what you celebrate, and the times are no different ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 21 Dec 2015

Meet the Engineer – Abhijit Chakankar

In an effort to spotlight the engineering team at Cohesity, I've decided to host a series of Q&A interviews with ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 18 Dec 2015

8 Things to Know About Distributed Systems

When people hear "object storage," there is a tendency to dismiss it for some reason, in some form of "I ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 5 Nov 2015

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