Protecting and Migrating Large Amounts of Data with Cohesity on Microsoft Azure Data Box

By Kevin Hill • September 25, 2018

I think we can all agree that data is growing at an exponential rate … and it only seems to be picking up more and more momentum. Your data is vital to the success of your business, so it’s critical that it is protected and available to be recovered and leveraged no matter where you operate. This is one of several reasons why it makes sense to leverage the public cloud for your data protection.

While it makes sense to leverage the cloud for your data protection needs, there can be several challenges.

  • Is your data network robust enough to facilitate your initial data transfer requirements?
  • Is there any way you can reduce the amount of data you have to send to the cloud in the first place?
  • And finally, when you do have your data up in the cloud, how can you seamlessly resynchronize with the assets you protected on-premises so you can pick up where you left off?

Luckily, Cohesity and Microsoft Azure have collaborated to address these challenges. Cohesity is working with Microsoft to make the management of data and its long-term archive and retention that much easier.

We are excited to further our integration with Microsoft Azure and include Azure Data Box as an option for customers when it comes to long-term data retention. Our mutual customers will benefit from the ability to seed large amounts of data into Data Box and further their long-term retention strategy.
– Vineet Abraham, VP of Engineering, Cohesity.

We are pleased to see Cohesity integrate with Microsoft Azure Data Box. This will help customers easily onboard large archival datasets into Azure to enable their long-term retention strategies.
– Dean Paron, Director, Azure Data Box, Microsoft Corp.

With the Cohesity DataPlatform you can protect your on-premises assets and take advantage of the robust global deduplication and compression capabilities to dramatically reduce the amount of storage capacity required to protect your data. To address your data transfer concerns Microsoft created the Azure Data Box, a secure, and tamper-resistant appliance for quick and simple transfer of your data to Azure, offering up to 100TB capacity. As a customer there are several benefits including:

a) Seeding the Azure Data Box with the initial large archival dataset from Cohesity
b) Ability to resume the archival process once data has been uploaded to Microsoft Azure
c) Protecting and moving large amounts of data from one integrated solution

The steps to get going with this integration are very straight forward:

1) Use the Azure Portal to order a Data Box, which will be shipped to your data center via Next Day shipping.
2) Once you’ve received the Data Box, you connect it to your on-premises data network.
3) From your Cohesity DataPlatform, discover the Data Box as an external target, protect your on-prem assets onto Cohesity and archive them to the Data Box
4) When you’ve completed the archival of your data to the Data Box, ship it back and have the data uploaded into your Azure subscription
5) Upon confirming that the data upload into Azure is complete re-attach Cohesity to the new Azure subscription external target and resume the protection of your on-premises assets.

If you’re interested in a much deeper dive into the details, please look at the Cohesity and Azure Data Box Integration Solution Guide.

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