Ready to Disrupt Secondary Storage; Starting from Data Protection


By Lorenzo Montesi • September 8, 2016

What a week it was for Cohesity, packed with Cohesity’s first Worldwide Sales Kick-Off, followed by an intense VMworld. Just having come back to our constantly buzzing office, I cannot avoid reflecting on the long distance as a company we have covered in a short period, and the strong team we have built to attack the tremendous opportunity to disrupt Secondary Storage that lays ahead.

It was only a year ago that I joined an initial group of sales pioneers at Cohesity. We had our first sales kick-off a few weeks after, more of a get-together, with everyone fitting in a small conference room in our office. Back then, we had many ideas and questions about what we were after, similar to any company that had just launched its first product.

In the span of that one year, we have built a Global Sales team covering North America and Europe, a strategic network of partners and alliances, a hustling sales development team, and a global support organization. Importantly, we have achieved massive success in driving early adoption of Cohesity’s platform by delivering it into the hands of almost a hundred customers.

After all these achievements, it was a defining moment to see everyone in a large ballroom in Las Vegas for the first time to celebrate the recent successes and sharpen our focus on the mission ahead.

I was particularly excited to get to know better our European team. Not just because, despite 15 years living in the United States, I still feel more European than American. But because going international is a sign of Cohesity rapidly growing into a global player. We have broken into a new league, and our superstar European team will help achieve success at the next level.

For as much we owe to Riccardo’s relentless recruiting, we are all here because of Mohit and his vision. We continue to learn from his leadership as we did at the sales kick-off. More than three years ago, he set off not to just build another great product, but to redefine an entire storage market. He saw significant inefficiencies and waste in the Secondary Storage solutions built in siloes and the opportunity for a paradigm change. After thousands of customer conversations, his vision of consolidating secondary storage into an integrated and scalable platform continues to resonate and be validated day after day.

Moreover, we now know through the experience and successes of this sales team that the path to consolidating secondary storage starts from simplifying Data Protection. Replacing storage backup targets with a scalable platform and dramatically simplifying backups with an integrated solution is where many of our customers are starting their journey with Cohesity.

With the energy, wit and dedication to work hard and PLAY hard, this team will storm the beachhead of Data Protection, to ROCK Secondary Storage. This is the mission we set off to accomplish. Let’s have a great FY2017. And along the journey a lot of fun together like how we did in Vegas!

Cohesians jamming with INXS rock band in Las Vegas