theCUBE Video: AutoNation Explains Why it Chose Cohesity for Data Protection

By Team Cohesity • August 28, 2018

While at VMworld 2018 this week, one of our awesome customers – AutoNation – sat down with theCUBE hosts – John Furrier and Stu Miniman – to do a live interview and talk about life after deploying Cohesity.

During his chat with theCUBE, AutoNation’s Vice President, Technology Operations, Adam Rasner, discussed how the company chose Cohesity over Rubrik – as well as a host of legacy backup vendors – for data protection.  After an extensive proof of concept trial, AutoNation’s choice for a data protection solution came down to: performance, cost, ease-of-implementation, user interface, and ease-of-management.

In summing up why AutoNation selected Cohesity, Adam said, “Data protection was the initial piece – we just needed a rock solid backup and recovery solution, and we started off with wanting a simple integrated software / hardware solution. We wanted something that could scale infinitely and we wanted a predictive-cost model. ”

The older legacy players don’t play well in this space, said Adam. “They are expensive to support and eventually you hit a wall on hardware limitations and have to do a forklift upgrade. We wanted something that was more nimble.” Since deploying Cohesity for data protection, AutoNation has reduced complexity and lowered its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Watch the video below to catch the full discussion between Adam and theCUBE’s hosts John Furrier and Stu Miniman live from VMworld 2018. You can also read the full customer case study on AutoNation here.

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