Unprecedented 100 Net Promoter Score

By Andrew Dobrov • January 23, 2020

When I wrote a blog last October about sustaining a Net Promoter Score of 90 for over a year, our CEO jokingly said that my top priority for next quarter is to get it up to 100. 

Well guess what? Cohesity is achieving a 100 Net Promoter Score for the first month of the new year. This is a first for the company and unprecedented in the industry. This is an amazing way to kick off 2020 and we certainly don’t take it, or customer satisfaction, for granted. We appreciate our customers—thank you!

Customer obsession is a Cohesity core value, and our mission is to always deliver an exceptional support experience.


Here is what Cohesity customers are saying

“I don’t normally indicate 10’s, however, your team has exceeded most vendor’s support services that I have experienced in the 43 years I’ve been in this game.  Excellent work, keep it up!!”

“After years working with the old dogs in technology, my Cohesity support experience was unique. I opened a Sev3 ticket and got a call back in an hour (not 3-4 days). The engineer on the line was well versed in the Cohesity product, and could dive into technical details without escalation to another resource. Once the issue was addressed, I was also asked if there was anything else he could help with. I have never had the opportunity to just talk tech with a support engineer. They are usually focused on the issue and nothing else. New issue? Hang up and call back with a new ticket. Not Cohesity….please don’t ever change.”

“For this issue, I was particularly impressed to see that your system was able to create the initial support case before we even realized that we had a problem.”

“Cohesity support is the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever received in my 20 years of IT experience. It’s like you have a Cohesity support agent in your data center. You can’t go wrong with their speed and efficiency. Thanks!”