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21 Days of Giving 2021

By: Maricela Guerrero

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In December, Cohesity Cares hosted a “21 Days of Giving” program and partnered with four charitable organizations: Feeding America, Food Banks Canada, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, and WinVinaya Foundation. During this special three-week period, Cohesity’s executive staff members matched employee donations from their personal funds. We provided more than 300,000 meals, support toward cancer research and treatment, and help for those with disabilities or low-economic means to secure employment. 

How did we select those charitable organizations? The short answer is the grassroots charitable collective at Cohesity. The longer answer is that there are 50 ambassadors across 4 chapters globally — a group of Cohesians who are empowered and committed to creating local charitable programs. They wanted to expand the charitable program so all Cohesians could participate — it’s tradition to give back during the holiday season — so they selected one organization per geographic region. Starting in 2022, we plan to expand to a regular program throughout the year.

Curious about the organizations that benefited? Here is more information.


Feeding America

Due to the impact of COVID-19, millions of people may experience food insecurity, especially families with children. Many of these families live paycheck to paycheck and must make tough decisions between paying bills, rent, utilities, or buying food. Most of these families rely on programs like Feeding America. Feeding America’s mission is to advance change in America by ensuring equitable access to nutritious food for all. It works in partnership with food banks, policymakers, supporters, and local communities. 

Every year, Feeding America helps one in seven Americans in its fight against hunger. It supports the nation’s largest network of food banks in virtually every community in the US to reach 40 million people in need. Cohesity is proud to have been able to help this organization that really gives back to communities across the U.S.


Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization created to address food insecurity in Canada. It supports a network of Provincial Associations, affiliate food banks, and food agencies that work at the community level to relieve hunger. It focuses its work on maximizing collective impact, strengthening local capacity, and reducing the need for food banks. 

Food Banks Canada supports efforts to feed the hungry with national programs, community gardens, and programs to help low-income Canadians. When COVID-19 hit, Food Banks Canada set up a response fund to support the more than 3,000 community organizations across Canada who provide food to Canadians in need to help them recover from the unique and ongoing challenges of the pandemic. Cohesity is pleased its Canadian employees gave so generously to this worthy organization.


European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is something that can affect anyone at any time and in any place. Cancer research and treatment has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. Fresh approaches such as precision medicine and immunotherapy are among the latest drug development and therapeutic strategies. 

The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer aims to advance not only these approaches but also cancer care by helping coordinate and conduct international translational and clinical research to improve the standard of cancer treatment for patients. Active for 50 years, supporting a network of 2800+ scientists in 48 countries, it seeks to increase patient survival and improve quality of life of those undergoing cancer treatment. Cohesity thanks all its European employees for supporting this organization’s work.


WinVinaya Foundation

WinVinaya Foundation, a Charitable Trust in India, helps people with disabilities get the help they need to learn skills like software development, data visualization, robotic process automation, and more.  Our Cohesity Cares India chapter partnered with the WinVinaya Foundation to support their mission so that Indians with disabilities and economic disadvantages can get training that will lead to employment and living a life with dignity. 

Based on a study by NASSCOM, the employment rate for people with disabilities in the private sector in India is just 0.36%. VinVaya aims to raise that percentage, acting as a bridge between the job seekers and the employers, filling the gaps on both sides and enabling success for both. Cohesity employees in India volunteered their time and up-skill support with mock interviews, resume writing, evaluating online training materials, and technical training. 


Cohesity Cares

In strategic alignment with our core value of integrity, it is in our culture to be collaborative and help others in need. So, it is a privilege and pleasure to continue to give back to the communities we serve.

Cohesity Cares

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