Business agility is the critical need and ask of enterprises today. To provide this agility, enterprise IT needs to adopt next generation products and architectures continually while also reducing spend and doing more with less infrastructure. Optimizing and providing elastic resources at every level are the key imperatives towards allowing businesses to modernize and to achieve IT nirvana. Optimization comes from being able to flexibly provide applications and their underlying compute, network and storage requirements with a performant and robust infrastructure backbone. But it also comes from understanding which applications need agility vs which applications are fairly static and consequently have quite different IT design considerations.

We will discuss the design principles of building a next generation “holistic and cohesive” data center compute, network and storage solution that combines the simplicity, resilience and performance of next generation flash storage from Pure Storage, compute and networking from Cisco and secondary storage from Cohesity.

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The three primary goals of this design guide are:

We will showcase and certify that Cohesity and Pure Storage deliver an optimal blend of performance, userfriendliness, non-disruptive operations and data recoverability from the micro to the macro for multiple workloads.

We will describe a FlashStack reference architecture that illustrates how these primary and secondary storage solutions, along with Cisco UCS and Nexus, fit together to provide an optimal Converged Infrastructure for VMware Horizon solution that includes the ability to rapidly recover the entire environment all the way down to individual user files and everything in between.

Thirdly, we will showcase how this unique Flashstack CI solution brings the best of both the primary and secondary storage hence delivering value to applications in tier 0 through tier 4 workloads.