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Scale-out NAS challenges

File repositories are growing rapidly. Application data exists across multiple storage domains and protocols on proprietary hardware. Collapsing infrastructure and lowering TCO is not easy.

SmartFiles benefits

Cohesity SmartFiles is a paradigm shift for enterprise file services. It’s software-defined, smart, efficient, secure, consolidates storage infrastructure, and nearly manages itself.

It’s smart

Run apps directly on the platform including anti-virus, file audit, content search, compliance, analytics, and AIOps.

Unified permissions

Write or read as NFS or SMB—permissions are honored.

Boundless scale

Get capacity, snapshots, and clones. No file name/path/size limits.

Robust cybersecurity

Leading global banks and financial institutions trust Cohesity.

Less is more

Squeeze more data into the same disk capacity.

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Tiering and consolidation

Lower TCO and eliminate silos.Transparently migrate inactive data to on-premises or the cloud.

SmartFiles and the Cohesity DataPlatform

SmartFiles belongs to the Cohesity DataPlatform. All of the rich DataPlatform functionality is available for file and object services.

Cohesity MarketPlace

Choose from a variety of file services apps to run on the DataPlatform without external infrastructure.

Distributed architecture

A strictly consistent and fully distributed shared-nothing architecture.

Enterprise search

Search for any data, anywhere, cross multiple workloads, clouds, and sites.

Security, Efficiency, and Cost


Encryption, anti-virus, detect anomalous file accesses, multi-factor authentication, identify and act on high-risk information, FIPS 140-1 and 140-2.

Storage efficiency

Sliding window variable dedupe across silos, advanced compression, and small file capacity optimization. Up to two to five times greater, or more, versus competitive products.

Policy-based tiering

Tiering of cold data from Netapp, Dell/EMC Isilon, and Pure Storage to a cost-effective tier or to the cloud.

Enterprise richness

Features and functionality for demanding enterprise users include:

  • Unlimited writable snapshots: Create no-cost clones as needed for dev/test or production purposes.
  • API-driven customizable and automated object services.
  • WORM: Make objects and files immutable.
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SmartFiles use cases

Content Management

Manage documents with scalable libraries.

Digital Archives

For digital documents,
audio and video files, and
active and passive archives.

Video Surveillance

For security cameras, body, and mobile cams. Get rapid retrieval from large amounts of data.

Corporate Video

For corporate comms, in-house productions, education, and training.

Splunk Cold Buckets

For cost-effective cold archiving on-premises, cloud, or both.

Industry solutions

Financial Services

For images, documents, call logs and correspondence.

Law Firms

For eDiscovery and legal hold, collaboration and documents and research.

State, Local, and Education

For collaboration and research, safety and security and innovation.


For PACs archives and VNA archives.

Life Sciences and Medical Research

For genomics analysis and next-generation sequencing.

SmartFiles on cloud

Deliver enterprise-grade files services on public cloud that run natively on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Reduce cloud storage costs

Global variable length deduplication, compression, and small file capacity optimizations provides efficiency that reduces cloud storage and data transfer costs.

Enterprise file services

Provide multiprotocol NFS/SMB file access in the cloud with enterprise-grade global search and cybersecurity that scales with cloud resources.

Hybrid cloud archiving and tiering

Easily extend on-prem NAS to cloud with automated file archiving and tiering while removing the costs and complexity associated with bolt-on.

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4.8 / 5 - 223 Ratings

Good storage platform. Good backup & recovery. NAS solutions also very reliable and stable. Good tech support and platform relatively user-friendly. 

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