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Get an Extra Layer of Protection Against Ransomware—On Us!

Isolate your data to strengthen your security posture.

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Stop Cyber Extortion

Deploy a defense-in-depth strategy with a modern, multilayered data security architecture to protect data and the platform and allow for rapid recovery.

Protect Backup

Get immutable backup snapshots plus DataLock (WORM), RBAC, data isolation and MFA

Detect Anomalies

Machine-driven intelligence establishes patterns and automatically detects and reports anomalies.

Rapid Recovery

Recovery instantly, at scale, anywhere with Cohesity’s unique instant mass restore.

Cohesity Customers See Results

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Paid in ransom

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98 %

Reduction in restore time

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5 x

Faster restores

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Defense-in-Depth with Data Isolation

This video discusses various methodologies supported by Cohesity to help you achieve data isolation against cyber threats and meet desired business SLAs.

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Data Isolation Solution Brief
Solution Brief

Defend Against Ransomware and Insider Threats With Data Isolation

See how vaulting your data strengthens overall data security with an extra layer of protection.

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