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The clock is ticking: Respond and recover faster with Cohesity DataHawk

Identify threats, assess attack impact, and speed up recovery

In a 2023 global survey, 90% of respondents said the threat of ransomware had increased. But only 20% expressed complete confidence in their organization’s cyber resilience strategy.

Changing the threat landscape is a tall order. But we can help you strengthen your cyber resilience and speed your time to recovery.

But first, ask yourself three questions: Are you confident you can detect emerging cyberattacks that may evade your perimeter security? Can you easily diagnose the impact of an attack and identify data that was compromised? And do you have a solid strategy to make sure your data is clean before recovery?

If you answered no to one or more of those questions, Watch our 25-minute demo of Cohesity DataHawk. You’ll see firsthand how to:

  • Identify threats and protect critical data before a cyberattack occurs
  • Detect anomalies and other security and compliance risks that may be lurking in your data
  • Securely and quickly respond to and recover from attacks by isolating critical data—so you can be confident it’s clean
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Shelly Calhoun-Jones
Principal Technologist

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