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Reduce Risk Against Ransomware and Downtime

Backup is your last line of defense against sophisticated ransomware attacks. Cohesity’s comprehensive anti-ransomware solution protects, isolates, detects, and most importantly, rapidly recovers to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity.

Protect Your Backup Against Ransomware Attacks

In ransomware attacks, bad actors access data belonging to unsuspecting individuals or vulnerable systems and hold it hostage. Cohesity’s modern anti-ransomware solution enables you to defend your backup data and recover.

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Reduce Attack Surface

Collapse your data and infrastructure silos onto a single, software-defined platform that reduces accessible points.

Immutable Backups

Prevent external systems from targeting your backups with immutability, DataLock (WORM), and RBAC protection layers.

Data Isolation

A simple policy-based automated air gap adds an additional layer of protection against modern ransomware attacks.

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Nearly half of organizations report an increase in cyber attacks since mass WFH began.

ESG: "Technology Impact of COVID-19: IT Decision Maker (ITDM) View" - May 2020

Machine Learning-Based Detection

Reduce downtime with early detection after a cyberattack on your production environment. Assess the threat impact in real-time with machine-driven anomaly detection and accelerate the recovery.

Leverage machine learning to detect threats and also recommend a clean copy of the data to recover anywhere.

Reduce Downtime with Rapid Recovery

Flexibly recover with confidence at scale to any point and location. Cohesity helps to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity after a ransomware attack.

Recover with Confidence

Gain deep visibility and recover predictably. Avoid reinjecting the cyber vulnerability in production while restoring.

Recover at Scale

Instantly recover hundreds of objects/VMs to any point in time leveraging fully-hydrated snapshots and MegaFile.

Backup & Recovery
Flexible Recovery

Take advantage of Continuous Data Protection to recover mission-critical data to any point and location.

Learn Best Practices

Is your existing backup immune to a ransomware attack? Download this eBook for best practices to prevent, detect, and recover from a ransomware attack.

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A modern backup and recovery solution that works and provides ransomware protection from edge to cloud.

Jonathan Mancini, Supervisor Datacenter Operations

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Ransomware is one of the greatest enterprise threats right now and as it becomes more targeted and sophisticated, organizations have realized that a reactive approach is insufficient. Instead, they need a mitigation strategy that focuses on holistic prevention with rapid detection and response.

System Administrator, 1st Security Bank of Washington

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Gain confidence in your defenses. Recover rapidly and predictably—every time.

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