DataPlatform Virtual Edition | Cohesity

Simple data protection for remote and branch offices

DataPlatform Virtual Edition (VE) is DataPlatform delivered as a virtual appliance. Simplify data protection and consolidate secondary storage in a simple and cost-effective virtualized form factor for remote and branch offices (ROBO). Manage remote offices through the same UI, APIs, and policy-driven automation used in central datacenters.

DataPlatform from the edge to the cloud

Extend DataPlatform from the edge to the cloud to seamlessly manage your data across all your sites. Replicate data from the edge to centralized datacenters and the public cloud for disaster recovery, analytics and test/dev. Archive your data to the public cloud for long-term retention.

Cohesity DataPlatform VE and DataProtect

A complete solution for simple data protection and file storage in ROBO environments.


Consolidate data protection and target storage in a converged virtual appliance form factor. Deploy quickly on VMware vSphere without additional hardware.


Manage all your secondary storage through a single management interface and APIs. Automate management of service levels with app-centric policies.


Provide fast 5-minute recovery points (RPO) and instantaneous recovery times (RTO). Instantly find your virtual machine and file data with Google-like wild-card search on all backed up VMs.


Reduce data protection TCO by 50% or more. Maximize space efficiency with compression and dedupe.


Integrate natively with all the leading public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform for long-term archival.

Extend DataPlatform from the edge to the cloud

Create a single data fabric that spans from the edge, to the datacenter, and the cloud. Seamlessly move data between locations. Replicate your data from the edge to the datacenter for disaster recovery, test/dev and analytics. Integrate ROBO and datacenter locations with the public cloud for long-term archival, tiering, and replication.

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