As data continues to sprawl out of control, infrastructure silos expand to unmanageable footprints. After VMware consolidated servers with vSphere, we have come full circle to where it is time to do the same with data.

VMware Virtual SAN empowers infrastructure admins a way to leverage existing resources for storage as an alternative to shared storage arrays, providing many of the same features, enhancements, and performance in an extremely simplified policy-based management framework.

Cohesity leverages the vSphere APIs for Data Protection (VADP) to connect directly to an instance of vCenter in order to build profiles around sets of virtual workloads. Then, simply by applying a pre-defined protection policy, we’re able to dictate retention schedules for backup, replication, and off-site archiving to either tape or cloud.


Rawlinson Rivera
Principal Architect, Office of the CTO

Johnny Chen
Head of Engineering

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How to simplify your backup and recovery workflows

Remove your complex patchwork of software, media servers, and storage targets

Cut data protection costs by 50%