Registration for Community License Activities Terms and Conditions

By registering for or participating in this Cohesity Circuit Qualifying Events and Community License Entitlement
(the “Program”), you agree the following:

  1. You acknowledge that you will need to agree and be subject at all times to Cohesity’s End User License Agreement (available within our products and at (you shall be deemed a “Customer” as defined in the EULA). Other capitalized terms used herein shall have their definition as in the EULA.
  2. The access given to you under the Program is subject to the evaluation license described in Section 4 of the EULA (and all other license restrictions in the EULA), for one (1) year only, and only for purposes that are non-commercial and not competitive with Cohesity.
  3. You agree to only download Products Cohesity has expressly permitted you to.
  4. In connection with evaluation of the Products, you may provide Cohesity with feedback, suggestions, and ideas concerning the Products (“Feedback”). You hereby grant Cohesity a perpetual and irrevocable right to use, evaluate, and otherwise exploit the Feedback in any way and for any purpose without restriction or compensation.
  5. The Products and other non-public Cohesity information are Cohesity’s confidential and proprietary information. You agree not to disclose details about, or benchmarking results or technical specifications of, any Products, or the results or your impressions of the performance of Products, without Cohesity prior written consent.
  6. You agree to keep your login and user credentials confidential to yourself and not to share them with any third party.