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Fast and comprehensive

Simple and automated protection for a wide range of Hadoop and NoSQL application data sources to help you gain speed, efficiency, and a greater ROI.

Built for Modern Workloads

An agentless approach to deliver scale and performance.

Incremental-forever Backups

Reduce backup windows and storage needed with incremental-forever and app-consistent backups.

One-click Recovery

Instantly search for and recover objects at a granular level, at any point in time.

Optimal Efficiency

Minimize your data footprint with data-aware deduplication, compression, and erasure coding.

We have very specific performance and management requirements that our previous backup software was unable to support. With Cohesity we were up and running in a few hours, we achieved 26x faster restore performance, and we reduced the number of backup policies from 40 to 2, all while achieving 10x backup storage efficiency.

Eric Gutmann, Manager of Infrastructure

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