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Protect All Workloads, All the Time

Why choose a tool to protect the unstructured data in your network-attached storage (NAS) and another for your Windows environments when a single platform can protect everything? Simplify the data protection of your physical workloads—from NAS to Windows to Linux host—with Cohesity DataProtect, the hyperconverged data protection solution bringing greater efficiency and simplicity to protecting physical workloads.

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By 2025, IDC projects there will be 163 zettabytes of data in the world. Estimates show 80% of this data is unstructured.

NAS Workloads

Cohesity protects all of the unstructured data in your NAS environment. It's simple, efficient, reliable, and fast for SMB and NFS data stores. Plus, Cohesity extends snapshot-based, point-in-time backup of your mission-critical workloads running on NetApp, Dell EMC and Pure Storage FlashBlade, and supports instant recovery to any point in time.

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Windows Servers and Applications

Cohesity lets you consolidate more Windows workloads, faster. Change Block Tracking (CBT) technology from Cohesity backs up application data by capturing only changed blocks to achieve faster RPOs and enable instant restore. Plus you can recover Mails or Mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange, Databases or Tables from Microsoft SQL or Objects from Microsoft SharePoint with Cohesity and Kroll Ontrack PowerControls technologies.

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Looking to simplify and do more with your physical workloads?

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