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Maximize Your Hyper-V Investment

Eliminate silos, simplify operations and extend your investment in Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines with Cohesity.


Extend the benefits of Cohesity’s modern, streamlined snapshot approach to backup and recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 and Hyper-V 2016 environments.

Fast RPOs and RTOs

Deliver on sub-5 minute RPO and instant mass restores. Enable fast, secure and native backup and recovery of Microsoft VMs.

Automated management

Automatically discover and protect all Hyper-V VMs through integration with System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

Streamlined operations

Leverage incremental forever backups with (RCT) integration. Scale operations using Hyper-V VM tags or custom properties.

Efficient Resource Use

Improve operational efficiency by reducing backup windows and achieving instant recovery from anywhere.

Fast backups

Minimize backup windows by parallelizing jobs and take advantage of agentless, app-consistent backups.

Off-site protection

Protect data off-site and enable disaster recovery and migrations to remote sites, with remote replication.

Disaster recovery

Orchestrate entire site or application failovers using remotely replicated VM disks.

Storage efficiency

Reduce your data footprint with global deduplication across multiple workloads.

Search and recover

Quickly find and recover VMs in the cloud or on-premises using our fast wildcard search.

Ready for Azure

Use Cohesity’s native cloud integration to seamlessly move, protect and leverage the data in the cloud. Replicate, tier and archive to Microsoft Azure. Provision dev/test in the cloud and gain visibility into your data, on-prem and in the cloud.

Cohesity treats hypervisors as just another service to be backed up. This means that the administrative experience remains largely the same whether you’re backing up SQL Server, VMware or Hyper-V.

Brien Posey, Contributing Editor, TechTarget

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Other solutions advertised ‘enterprise quality’ but had an enterprise price tag. Cohesity not only could deliver what other enterprise solutions promised, but was also able to out-perform and deliver a software-defined secondary data management solution that has saved us countless hours for upgrades, maintenance and basic restore operations.

Ralph Aiken, Systems Engineer, 1st Security Bank of Washington

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