Defend your data and business reputation

Stop cybercriminals in their tracks. Defend against ransomware and other threats to your business with anomaly detection, one-click threat intelligence and scanning, cyber vaulting, and ML-powered data classification.

Ransomware Overview Protect


Protect your data with Zero Trust principles. Add strict access and administrative controls, encryption, MFA, quorum, and native immutability.

Ransomware Overview Detect


Minimize damage to your business with anomaly detection, threat detection, and attack impact analysis. Quickly respond to, and remediate, anomalies and threats by integrating with security operations and incident response.

Ransomware Overview Recover


Recover clean data that has been scanned for threats with speed and confidence. Uniquely recover virtual machines, databases, and NAS data instantly—to any point in time and location—to reduce downtime.

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Protect your backup data and system

Ransomware Backup Data

Backup data is a primary target for threat actors. Cohesity offers a multilayered approach to defend your backup data.

Ransomware Backup Snapshots

Immutable backup snapshots and DataLock capability (WORM) help protect backup data from being modified or deleted.

Ransomware Zero Trust

Cohesity’s Zero Trust principles control access to platform and setting with MFA, RBAC, and quorum approval to prevent unilateral administrative changes.

AI/ML-based approach to cyber resiliency

Protect your data from ransomware, and use data anomaly detection and ML-based threat intelligence and scanning to detect risks, malware, and IOCs. Use automated SOC integrations to leverage existing security controls and processes for incident response and remediation. Determine whether attacks exposed sensitive data and help ensure your data is clean—then recover with confidence.

Ransomware AIML Based Appraoch

Reduce downtime with rapid recovery

Recover with confidence at scale to any point and location. Cohesity helps reduce downtime and ensure business recovery after a ransomware attack.

Benefits Recover With Confidence

Recover with confidence

Gain deep visibility and recover predictably. Avoid reinjecting cyber threats and vulnerabilities saved from production data.

Recover instantly at scale

Recover instantly at scale

Instantly recover hundreds of objects/VMs, NAS data, and databases to any backup point in time, leveraging fully-hydrated snapshots and MegaFile.

Recover flexibly

Take advantage of Continuous Data Protection to recover mission-critical data to any point and location.

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Cohesity named a Leader again!

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

Buyer’s Guide

Strengthen your data security and cyber resiliency

Learn how to protect your data against ransomware—and rapidly recover it if an attack occurs.

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Emerge Logo

Saving a couple of minutes finding each VM might sound trivial, but two minutes times 60 VMs equals two hours faster recovery, worth $70,000 to our manufacturing customer.”

Andrew Miller

Backup and Disaster Recovery Specialist, Emerge IT Solutions

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When something goes wrong in healthcare, people’s lives are at stake. Because of that we take special care in what we do and are always on alert. With Cohesity, we have peace of mind knowing that we have an outstanding and excellent backup system that's going to protect us from ransomware and other malware moving forward."

Curt Kwak, CIO, Proliance Surgeons

Curt Kwak

CIO, Proliance Surgeons

SiteOne Landscape Supply logo

Having the ability with Cohesity to paint a complete picture of the ransomware attack helped us move forward and identify next steps not only for IT and Security teams, but also for our Legal and Communications departments. Without our Cohesity views, we would not have been as equipped to rapidly investigate and perform the needed forensic activities.”

David Bannister, Vice President of Technology Services, SiteOne Landscape Supply

David Bannister

Vice President of Technology Services, SiteOne Landscape Supply

KVH logo

Using Cohesity immutable backups and ClamAV significantly lowered our premiums for ransomware insurance."

Christian Zinke, KVH

Christian Zinke

Team Lead for IT Infrastructure, Kassenärztliche Vereinigung, Hessen

Commonly asked ransomware data recovery and protection questions

Ransomware is a malware attack launched by malicious actors that covertly encrypts an organization’s data, then demands payment for that data to be unencrypted.

Ransomware recovery provides the restoration of data after an attack. When an organization refuses to pay the ransom for decryption keys, organizations can restore data that it protected to help restart business processes and services.

Ransomware can not be 100% prevented. Threat actors have a wide variety of exploits that can overcome or simply bypass the best security controls. Ransomware gangs are continually morphing their attack techniques to bypass defensive measures.

Key to protecting against ransomware is the ability to both withstand and recover from attacks. Traditional cybersecurity solutions provide the capabilities to help withstand ransomware attacks. These include detecting unusual activity, locking down access to servers and endpoints, and having effective malware detection. Working hand in hand with cybersecurity, data security, and management professionals gives organizations cyber recovery capabilities as well. The recovery process allows organizations to refuse ransom payments and to recover affected data. Cyber recovery solutions also have a unique view of an organization’s critical data. They can therefore help thwart ransomware attacks by detecting anomalies and threats in protected data—and integrating with existing security operations and incident response.

To remove ransomware from systems and endpoints, organizations can surgically remove the malware and/or recover copies of data that are malware free.

When a ransomware attack happens, recovery must happen as rapidly and safely as possible. Organizations can’t withstand the outage of critical services for any duration without seriously impacting revenue and customer loyalty. Critical to rapid recovery is making sure trusted data is available—and able to be restored at scale. Recovery should include all critical data (structured and unstructured), as well as virtualized systems. Plus recovering thousands of virtual machines and enterprise data should be measured in hours, not days. Such comprehensive recovery is critical to business continuity and cyber resilience.

Backups must maintain their integrity so they’re reliable sources for cyber recovery. Several factors are key to their integrity: First, backup data must be immutable, so it can’t be modified or deleted. Second, the backup platform must be hardened so administrative settings, such as backup schedules, can’t be altered. Third, any changes to critical settings must require multi-person approval, or quorum, so no rogue insider can unilaterally change settings. Finally, the platform’s security posture should be continuously monitored to help ensure that security settings aren’t changed and don’t introduce risks. Here are some tips to protect your backups.

The challenge with ransomware is being prepared for an attack—not wondering if it will happen. (It’s a question of when, not if.) The best cybersecurity intentions can be undone via simple user error, such as clicking an attachment in an email. Given this reality, organizations must have reliable recovery capabilities if they want to avoid paying the ransom—and avoid a significant disruption of their business operations. Plus,many cyber insurance providers now require organizations to have robust recovery capabilities in place to qualify for coverage.

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