Put the Dilemma to Rest. Files and Objects.

Files or objects? In the past, you had to choose. Files for legacy apps. Objects for cloud-native apps and scale.

Cohesity puts an end to the dilemma. Provision globally distributed file and object storage on one platform. Even better, access each file volume through multiple protocols: NFS, SMB and S3 APIs. And minimize your data footprint with the industry’s only globally deduplicated object storage.

Optimize Storage Density with C3000 Nodes

Secondary data is not all created equal. Your large files and objects are more data intensive. But your backups, recovery, and test/dev data is more IO intensive. How to reconcile both?

The C2000 hyperconverged nodes are optimized for IO intensive workloads, and the C3000 nodes are capacity-optimized for large files, objects, and archives. Mix-and-match different models within a single cluster. Let Cohesity DataPlatform Intelligent Placement optimize your data between nodes based on QoS and IO profiles.

DataPlatform In Action

File and object storage on Cohesity benefits from all the capabilities of DataPlatform. Ensure always-on availability and pay-as-you-grow scalability by scaling performance and capacity linearly, and eliminate expensive forklift upgrades. Maximize storage efficiency with variable-length, global deduplication that spans an entire cluster. Perform global Google-like search on all file and object metadata across an entire cluster. Secure and encrypt all your data with software-based encryption. Take an unlimited number of snapshots of your file shares and replicate data off-site for disaster recovery. Integrate natively with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for archival, tiering and replication.

The native support of both object and file services within the Cohesity core platform will only further simplify our secondary storage environment.

David Giambruno

We have more than 100 applications in our environment, mostly focused on content and document management.  We’re also looking at consolidating our files on Cohesity.

James Orysczczyn
Director of security and network services

The goal for IT is to simplify storage and minimize costs. We are excited because Cohesity covers all of our secondary use cases. We use it for backup and file shares.

Marlon Wenceslao
Sr. Systems Manager