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Solve Hybrid Cloud Challenges for Secondary Data and Apps

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Are you looking to accelerate your hybrid cloud journey for secondary data and apps? And unable to do so with traditional solutions not built for the cloud? By 2020, companies are expected to run 83% of their workloads in the cloud. And the exponential data growth will create management challenges, overwhelm IT resources, and drive enterprises to seek out innovative solutions.

Explosive data growth requires cloud

63% of enterprises are managing 50 PB or more with 40-50% annual growth.

Growth compounds backup challenges

51% of businesses admit their backup infrastructure can't keep up.

Cold data isn't "cold" anymore

79% of IT decision makers are likely to move some legacy tape data to the cloud.

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Imagine one platform where you can manage your secondary data and apps, including long-term retention, disaster recovery, test/dev and cloud-native backup.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Enterprise Grade

Benefit from capabilities such as global deduplication and compression

Seamless Integration

Achieve simple connectivity to public cloud services

Simple Management

Streamline administration with a single interface

Solve Hybrid Cloud Challenges for Secondary Data and Apps

Hybrid cloud is increasingly the norm, and enterprises are challenged with ways to have visibility, manage and make use of all this data – both on-premises and in the cloud. This white paper looks at the evolution of these challenges and offers practical advice on ways to store, manage and move secondary data in hybrid cloud architectures.

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Native Cloud Integration

This video provides an overview of Cohesity's cloud solutions for long-term retention, how customers can overcome challenges associated with legacy solutions and reduce their reliance on tape. The video also touches on the ability to leverage backups on the Cohesity platform for test/dev in the cloud.

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Turbocharge Your Hybrid Cloud Journey

IT challenges have evolved as enterprises experience digital transformation and evolve in a hybrid cloud environment. Get more details on those challenges and how you can think about reducing management burden and extract more value from data, regardless of where they reside.

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By 2020, the number of enterprises using public cloud as their data center backup destination will double to 20%.

Gartner – How to Leverage Public Cloud IaaS for Backup and Recovery

As a global technology solutions provider, we like to stay ahead of the technology curve. We saw clear value in adopting Cohesity to consolidate and simplify our secondary storage infrastructure. Cohesity allows us to consolidate data protection and file storage, while providing simple integration with the AWS cloud for long-term archival.

Brian Sweeney, Principal Engineer

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Cohesity’s native integration with Azure could not be matched, and gave us tremendous flexibility for how to manage our secondary data without maintaining a separate piece of hardware. Cohesity Cloud Edition will provide the ability to recover snapshots seamlessly, fully recover VMs directly into Azure, and give us flexibility for using secondary offsite copies with Azure and Cohesity Cloud Edition. Cohesity has greatly simplified the entire process of managing and consolidating secondary data in a hybrid cloud environment

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