Simple data protection

Integrated backup and recovery solution:
Simplify your data protection infrastructure with an end-to-end backup and recovery solution that is fully con verged on the Cohesity platform. Eliminate the need for separate backup software, proxy servers and media servers.

VMware integration:
Integrate seamlessly into your vSphere environment. vCenter integration provides a full view of your VMs to assign data protection policies. vSphere APIs for Data Protection integration enables agentless, application-consistent backups with change-block tracking.

Support for apps on physical servers:
Backup your physical applications with application-specific adapters. Support for Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, and Oracle database.

Policy-based management:
Create policies that specify your application SLA requirements including RPO, retention policies, off-site replication and cloud archival. Assign policies to VMs based on application SLA requirements.

Tight application SLAs

Recovery Points of minutes - not hours:
Reduce your Recovery Points to 15 minutes with parallelized data ingest and unlimited snapshots of the Cohesity Data Platform.

Instantaneous Recovery Times:
Recover applications instantly by running a clone of the application directly on the Cohesity Data Platform.