Bring Your Data Protection into the Cloud Era With Cohesity Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

We agree with Commvault on one thing - legacy data protection is ancient and must be modernized for the cloud era. Today’s enterprises need a scale-out, converged data protection solution that natively integrates with the public cloud. But the opportunity goes beyond just backup to completely redefine all secondary storage.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Cohesity over Commvault HyperScale

Purpose-Built and Integrated

  • Single integrated software-defined solution with unified management
  • SpanFS is a web-scale file system purpose-built for secondary storage

Commvault HyperScale

  • Bolt-on of Commvault and Gluster - two legacy products with limited integration
  • Gluster is a generic file system not optimized for secondary storage

True Web-Scale

  • Web-scale, distributed software with no single point of bottleneck
  • Demonstrated scale to 256+ nodes

Commvault HyperScale

  • Commvault CommCell does not have a web-scale architecture
  • CommServe is single instance and does not scale-out

Instant Mass Restore

  • Instant recovery
  • Unlimited number of VMs or files
  • Any point in time

Commvault HyperScale

  • Uses CommVault Live Recovery
  • Single VM only
  • Last point in time only

Maximum Space Efficiency

  • Global variable-length dedupe
  • 5:2 erasure coding

Commvault HyperScale

  • Fragmented, fixed-length dedupe
  • 4:2 erasure coding (10% less efficient)

Multicloud Data Fabric

  • Archive, replicate and tier to cloud
  • Deploy Cohesity Cloud Edition in the cloud for CloudReplicate, CloudBackup and Test/Dev automation

Commvault HyperScale

  • Archive and replicate only, no cloud tiering
  • Commvault HyperScale does not run in the cloud

Not Just A Backup

  • File and object storage
  • Test/dev automation
  • Custom in-place analytics

Commvault HyperScale

  • Just A Backup

Cohesity not only provides the enterprise scalability to back-up our extensive IT systems, but also delivers instant recovery for our SQL databases, virtual machines and media content. Their integrated solution, and easy-to-implement data protection workflows, has made our data protection much simpler, more comprehensive and more reliable

David Giambruno

Cohesity delivers significantly improved recovery times (RTOs) for restoring business critical VMs, while simplifying our backup operations with its fully integrated, policy-based data protection solution.

Karen Bailey
Transformational CIO/CTO

Forrester Research Report

No single solution supports fast, reliable recovery and secondary data copies. This report shows infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros how three vendors — including Cohesity— are trying to change the way enterprises manage secondary storage, data protection, and data copies and to attain a 1-second recovery point objective (RPO) for mission-critical applications.

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