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Next-Gen Data Management Innovation

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A breakthrough solution requires a clean-sheet approach and a fundamental redesign of the underlying architecture. That’s why Cohesity adapted the software design principles of cloud hyperscalers, like Google and AWS, to manage the world’s consumer data and applied them to enterprise data management.

Next-Gen Data Management

Now Cohesity Helios Multicloud Data Platform tackles the central problem of fragmentation that has plagued organizations for so long, pioneering next-gen data management that delivers:

Learn Why Leaders Trust Cohesity for Next-Gen Data Management

  • “Hyatt chose the Cohesity data management platform to modernize backup and recovery as well as to enable disaster recovery, business continuity, and cloud integration. Marketplace apps may also help Hyatt derive insights from its data to further enhance customer service and streamline operations.

    “Cohesity was the complete solution we needed to simplify and modernize our backup and recovery environment at Hyatt. We look forward to leveraging Cohesity’s single platform in our global data centers for additional scalable solutions.

    Senior Storage & Virtualization Engineer

  • “We are getting more work done than ever, which I attribute to our talented team, CDW IT orchestration excellence and the very strategic investments we’ve made in Cisco and Cohesity. There was already 100% consensus among our engineers that the Cohesity-Cisco solution worked reliably, was easy to use, and we were all more productive with it. Now, there’s also agreement that Cohesity is the best solution to combat ransomware attacks.”

    John Gaede

    Director of IS

  • “AutoNation’s requirements included performance, ease of use, lower TCO and seamless 2-way integration with AWS, in addition to the ability to handle backup and recovery, file and object services, disaster recovery. In addition, they wanted their data to do more, and be accessible by their app developers.

    “A key benefit with a flexible and scalable platform like Cohesity was the ability to expand use cases across our environment beyond data protection meet our evolving business requirements.”

    Adam Rasner

    Vice President, Technology Operations

  • “Cohesity is easy to use and update, saving time and enabling USDA OCIO DISC staff to be more responsive to our customers. The ability to simply add nodes onsite or burst to the cloud has a real impact on our capacity to service customers continuously. With fewer appliances, our staff is also called in less often after hours, which leads to better quality of life.”

    George Strother

    Storage Management Branch Chief, Office of the Chief Information Officer at the Digital Infrastructure Services Center

Discover Cohesity

Cohesity empowers you and your organization to radically simplify data management—backup, archiving, disaster recovery, file and object services, dev/test and analytics—while unlocking value from your enterprise data and realizing more ways to deter, detect and respond to cyberthreats and ransomware attacks.

Backed by award-winning Cohesity support with consistent NPS scores of 90+, Cohesity next-gen data management is proven to deliver 150% return on investment.

Join the growing number of Cohesity customers worldwide to experience these benefits and more.

NGDM E-book
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