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Why Microsoft 365 backup on the cloud is essential

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Ransomware attacks grew

between 2020 and 2021

Ransomware Risk Is Rising

Cloud and SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 provide easy access and drive collaboration for your remote workforce. But with the rapid ransomware growth, it can act as a conduit for cybercriminals to infiltrate and attack your systems.

Be Heroic. Stop Criminals and
Data Loss.

Use backup as a service to minimize the impact of ransomware while simplifying operations. Back up your data to a separate cloud outside of Microsoft to make it difficult for cybercriminals to gain access. Data immutability makes it difficult to delete or tamper with your backup data.

  • Ken Watt, Ridgeback Resources `

    Ken Watt

    Senior Infrastructure Specialist

    We use Microsoft 365 with its built-in retention policies, but that isn’t robust backup. We count on Cohesity for robust, reliable backup of our Exchange Online user mailboxes onsite as an additional fail-safe so if something happens—like ransomware—we have a way to quickly recover mailboxes, files, and sites.

Get the M365 data security and protection toolkit

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