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Roadmap for Ransomware Preparedness

ESG survey details how IT should plan and prioritize to mitigate and respond to cyberattacks.

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Refuse the ransom — defend your data against evolving cybersecurity threats with a defense-in-depth approach.

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Ransomware Recovery and Preparedness Report

ESG’s newest survey of over 600 IT professionals found that ransomware threats are having a substantial (and often surprising) impact on organizations.

While many IT teams feel they are prepared to recover data from ransomware attacks, 56% have admitted to paying ransom—and only 14% of organizations were able to fully recover their data.

Investments in prevention/protection are important, but your organization may need to rethink your recovery strategy, too.

In the latest eBook from ESG, you’ll learn research-backed methods to:

  • Mitigate and respond to evolving ransomware threats
  • Recover your data—without paying the ransom
  • Ensure business continuity, and plan RPO and RTO for the fastest recovery

No One Is Safe from Ransomware

99% of organizations believe their ransomware preparedness has improved, yet significant gaps exist for most.

73 %

compromised by attacks

87 %

concerned about backups

56 %

have paid ransoms

Resist the Ransom

The newest research from ESG, sponsored by Cohesity, helps you take a stand with a defense-in-depth approach to ransomware preparedness.

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