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3 Reasons to Move to Modern Backup as a Service

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As organizations strive to remain agile while facing continued economic uncertainty, many are accelerating cloud adoption in the hopes of lowering expenses, supporting critical IT functions remotely, and reducing operational overhead. Yet siloed, on-premises products currently backing up data are ill-equipped to accommodate pivots to hybrid and multicloud environments. Modernize your data management approach and keep your business resilient with Backup as a Service (BaaS). And it’s an ideal way to save, simplify, and do more with your backup data for business advantage.

Mass data fragmentation from siloed hardware and software and incomplete visibility into enterprise data,
puts unnecessary stress on IT. Time that should be spent on innovation is instead wasted on managing multiple point products and their disruptive upgrades. Already worried about the ability of legacy products to handle newer, unsupported data sources—distributed databases, Kubernetes, and SaaS apps—IT is now frequently being mandated to move to the cloud without an easy path forward. A single, multicloud platform that supports both self-service management and SaaS provider-managed infrastructure across hybrid cloud and multicloud makes better business sense for these reasons:

  • Reduce management complexity with a single, managed BaaS solution built for hybrid cloud that
    scales without limits
  • Save time and focus on value-added innovation with an enterprise-grade data protection solution
    leveraging a simple and intuitive GUI that supports predefined policies and auto-discovery of workloads
  • Eliminate unnecessary data copies and move data efficiently and securely, onsite and off, while
    protecting it in the cloud
  • Enable developers and data analysts to uncover insights from all enterprise data in a self-service model

Disparate on-prem, cloud, and SaaS backups aren’t typically on any roadmap—they just happen as IT tries to keep pace with the advent of new technologies in support of the business. More difficult to manage from core to cloud and edge or branch sites, this sprawl of siloed systems hinders business intelligence by keeping data dark and idle instead of illuminating insights for business value. These same silos enlarge digital attack surfaces and make them more attractive to cybercriminals. Teams that eliminate infrastructure silos by consolidating multiple data sources on a single platform achieve these benefits:

  • Protect on-prem and cloud data with modern BaaS—and importantly, defend backups from becoming ransomware targets, no matter where data resides
  • Gain flexible recovery on-prem or in the cloud, reducing downtime with efficient restores
  • Quickly search and analyze data across hybrid and multicloud for business insights
  • Use advanced cloud services to ensure compliance, enhance security, and derive new insights from your data

Capital expense budgeting and the lengthy procurement cycles for traditional backup and recovery point products aren’t compatible with today’s unpredictable business climate. There’s no good time for the downtime associated with the forklift upgrades, regular patching, and maintenance required with legacy backup solutions. To preserve cash and improve cost management, organizations are embracing modern BaaS solutions that accelerate the shift to an operational cost model to gain these benefits:

  • Eliminate CapEx, procurement headaches, and infrastructure maintenance costs with a ready-to-use backup service available in an easy OpEx cost model
  • Move to simple and predictable capacity pricing—based on easy-to-measure, front-end capacity
  • Cut upgrade and renewal costs with all-in pricing and ongoing functionality updates
  • Improve business agility by increasing or decreasing capacity on demand wherever users need it—without waiting on lengthy procurement and deployment cycles

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Amidst global uncertainty, be certain your data management solution has your back. Choose modern BaaS that doesn’t require you to deploy yet another point product to protect your SaaS applications. Cohesity’s industry-leading backup software, Cohesity DataProtect, is now delivered as a service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable true hybrid cloud flexibility in an easy-to-use, cloud-native SaaS model. Move from legacy backup solutions poorly retrofitted for cloud to Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a Service and quickly discover how easy it is to back up and do more with your data using advanced AWS services. Simply sign up, connect, and protect to start realizing these benefits in your organization.