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Top 3 ways to use Cohesity Gaia for legal discovery

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Cohesity Gaia is an AI-powered enterprise search assistant that brings retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI and large language models (LLMs) to high-quality backup data within Cohesity environments. Users can ask questions and receive context-rich answers by accessing and analyzing their vast pools of enterprise data. The result? Organizations can make smarter business decisions faster.

Here are the top 3 ways your business can use Cohesity Gaia for legal discovery.

At the beginning of litigation discovery, use Cohesity Gaia to analyze potentially relevant email, instant messaging, and documents to understand case issues, identify relevant custodians, and refine the case date range.

Start by gathering data from custodians you believe are most directly involved in the matter. Select documents within the widest reasonable case date range. Use Cohesity Gaia to understand the case from a high level, posing natural language questions. Depending on the results, you can then expand the scope with data from additional custodians or incremental documents encompassing a wider date range.

Gaining a solid understanding of the case issues, key custodians, and target date range will give you a costeffective start to litigation discovery.

Complex white-collar fraud matters can be tough to investigate. Perpetrators may use company systems and personal devices and leave at least a partial evidentiary roadmap behind.

Use Cohesity Gaia in matters as diverse as financial wrongdoing, including procurement self-dealing, accounts payable fraud, bribery, or SEC insider trading. Or use it to help understand cases involving employee misconduct, such as SASH, document theft, or even behavioral threat concerns.

With Cohesity Gaia, you can pose natural language questions and understand the available evidence from a high level. Gaining valuable insight into the evidence you have will better inform any follow-up interviews with employees.

Data breaches are of great and increasing concern. Cohesity Gaia can help address a subset of data breaches or system sabotage caused by disgruntled current or former employees. As with other types of investigations, relevant email, instant messaging, and documents (including system access logs) can be ingested into Cohesity Gaia.

Pose natural language questions to Cohesity Gaia, and use the answers to understand the available evidence quickly and from a high level. Gaining valuable insight into the evidence you have helps ensure your follow-up actions are more confident and better informed.


With Cohesity Gaia, you can streamline and accelerate a range of legal and compliance processes, reducing time to action, gaining deeper and more data-driven insights, and better informing your follow-up actions.

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