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GigaOm Solution Profile: Cohesity DataProtect

Next-gen data management platform for hybrid cloud workloads

The Experts at GigaOm Weigh In on Hybrid Cloud Data Protection from Cohesity

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, your workloads need the same level of data protection. Legacy point products may struggle to protect both traditional and modern data sources. 

The experts at GigaOm profiled Cohesity and published a comprehensive solution profile to help IT decision-makers understand how a single data management platform can make a world of difference to their operations.

Download the report and discover how Cohesity:

  • Offers the most comprehensive policy-based protection for both traditional and modern data sources
  • Converges multiple point products into a single software-defined data protection solution
  • Can be deployed on-prem or delivered as SaaS — managed from one interface

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