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ESG Economic Validation: Benefits of Managing Unstructured Data with Cohesity SmartFiles

Reduce cost, increase operational efficiency, and improve business agility

As data-driven businesses embark on digital transformation initiatives, it is critical that they address the complexity and inefficiency around unstructured data management.  Managing volumes of files and objects across multiple silos is a complex task that places a burden on administrators, limits the value of the data for the organization, and slows business agility. 

In this report, ESG investigates the total cost of ownership, along with the operational efficiencies and economic benefits that organizations can expect when consolidating siloed unstructured data onto Cohesity SmartFiles.

ESG has validated that SmartFiles can be used to:

  • Lower total cost of storage ownership by as much as 51%. 
  • Consolidate files and cold data onto a more cost effective and simpler-to-manage solution
  • Speed time to value and positively impact revenue.

Access the report now to learn how to simplify unstructured data management and drastically reduce cost of storage ownership.

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