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Cybercriminals Are Targeting Microsoft 365 With Ransomware

Get this comprehensive guide to protect your M365 data and enhance your organization’s cyber resiliency.

Reduce Risk and Recover Your M365 Data with This In-depth Guide

Bad actors are getting smarter. They’re looking beyond encryption to your sensitive data in M365. They want to exfiltrate, or steal it, and have you pay to prevent its public disclosure—a rapidly expanding scheme known as “double-extortion” ransomware.

Stay one step ahead with this comprehensive guide:

  • Understand your risks in the Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model
  • Go deep on M365 backups, versioning, compliance, and protection strategies
  • Defend your M365 data and counter ransomware attacks with three key steps 

Get your free Guide to Ransomware Protection for Microsoft 365 today.

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