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Defend Your Data from a Ransomware Attack

Step Up Your Game. Be Ransomware Ready with a Backup Plan.


Ransomware is the fastest-growing type of cybercrime. Analysts predict ransomware will attack a business every 11 seconds by the end of 2021.1 And every time a cybercriminal succeeds, the organization attacked is damaged—financially and often reputationally.

Your backup is supposed to help protect your data from ransomware, yet legacy backup products most often become a victim themselves. To protect your organization from the crippling effects of a ransomware attack — you need to have a backup plan.

 Download this ebook to learn:

  • How you can prevent your backup solution from becoming a ransomware target
  • Why taking a multi-layered approach to data protection is the best way to safeguard your backup data against ransomware
  • And if the worst happens, how quickly can you recover to reduce downtime and data loss.

1 Cybersecurity Ventures. “Global Ransomware Damage Costs Predicted to Reach $20 Billion By 2021,” Oct. 21, 2019.

Learn How to Beat Ransomware

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