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Defend your data from a ransomware attack

Ransomware is the fastest-growing type of cybercrime. Gartner reports that by 2025, 75 percent of IT organizations will face one or more attacks.1 And every time a cybercriminal succeeds, the organization attacked is damaged—financially and often reputationally.

Your backup is supposed to help protect your data from ransomware, but legacy backup products often become victims themselves. For maximum protection from the crippling effects of a ransomware attack, you need a reliable recovery plan—ideally one based on a hardened backup solution. Even better? Choose a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing security controls.

 Download this ebook to learn:

  • How to prevent your backup solution from becoming a ransomware target
  • Why a multi-layered approach to data protection is the best way to safeguard your backup data against ransomware
  • And how, if the worst does happen, you can quickly recover to reduce downtime and data loss.

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1 Detect, Protect, Recover: How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware, Nik Simpson, Ron Blair, 6 January 2021

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