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Webinar Dark Back Ground

Best practices for ransomware-resilient architectures

Help ensure unconditional recovery of your data and applications.
On-demand webinar

Are you prepared to withstand and recover from ransomware?

Modern backup and recovery goes far beyond disaster recovery. Given evolving threats and IT complexity, it’s more critical than ever to leverage advanced security, machine learning, and scalability to help ensure unconditional recovery.

You’ll learn:

  • Developing the right recovery strategies and goals to support SLAs
  • Identifying critical applications, data, and services such as DNS
  • Establishing requirements to secure your backup platform and data
  • Making the most of your existing security processes and controls
  • Defining a recovery environment and practicing drills and simulations to position you for recovery success
Brian Adair Headshot

Brian Adair
Director, Sales Engineering - SLED

Jonathan Mayor

Jonathon Mayor
Director, Security Solutions Architecture

Robert Shields400x400

Robert Shields
Product Marketing Director for Data Governance, Security and Privacy

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