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Customer Spotlight: Clearsense Talks Nutanix Protection

A Fireside Chat With a Forward-Thinking Healthcare Analytics and Data Management Company

Like so many modern organizations, Clearsense has accelerated their digital transformation by replacing legacy storage environments with Nutanix.

And like so many, Clearsense saw a growing gap in their data protection as their modern architecture evolved.

Watch this fireside chat as Clearsense co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Charles Boicey shares the story of the company’s journey to IT modernization with Cohesity and Nutanix.

In this webcast conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How Clearsense found a well-matched modern backup solution that could keep up with Nutanix’s architecture
  • How Cohesity addressed the organization’s evolving requirements
  • Best practices Clearsense learned on their journey

Register now to listen in on the conversation about how Cohesity works for Clearsense.

Charles Boicey

Charles Boicey
MS, RN-BC, Co-Founder/Chief Innovation Officer
Clearsense, LLC

Jon Hildebrand

Jon Hildebrand
Principal Technologist

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