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Unlock data insights with Cohesity Gaia AI-powered conversational search

Make smarter business decisions faster with RAG AI

Organizations grapple with huge volumes of data, and handling it manually is both time-consuming and costly. Plus, until now, there’s been no way to access this data’s full potential.

Enter Cohesity Gaia.

Cohesity Gaia taps into your backup data to unlock valuable insights quickly and securely.

Watch our 25-minute demo of our groundbreaking, AI-powered enterprise search assistant. It’s equipped with retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI, which enables LLMs to generate more knowledgeable, diverse, and relevant responses.

Through a regulatory compliance use case demo, you’ll discover how to:

  • Quickly scan through documents and generate summaries in minutes
  • Streamline data forensics to strengthen your decision-making
  • Propel AI initiatives forward with a secure, high-performance RAG AI engine

Shelly Calhoun-Jones
Principal Technologist,

Marc Mombourquette
Senior Product Marketing Manager,

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