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Going Cloud-First? Think Data Management First with Cohesity & Google

Many companies are adopting a cloud-first strategy to transform their business. eSilicon decided to move their semiconductor chip design business completely to Google Cloud to better deal with spiky workloads and reduce operating costs. However, with billions of files and petabytes of data to move from their legacy data centers, they needed a data management partner to help with their massive migration project and to protect their production data and core business assets in the cloud.

In this on-demand webinar, eSilicon shares the successful migration of their entire production environment to the cloud.


  • Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst, and Founder, Small World Big Data
  • Bader Hamdan, Head of Technology Partnerships, Data Protection, Google Cloud
  • Douglas Ko, Director of Product Marketing, Cohesity
  • Naidu Annamaneni, CIO and VP of Global IT, eSilicon Corporation
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