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How Containerized Apps Break the Mold

And What You Should Know to Protect Them

What You Need to Know About Containers — From Leveraging to Protection

The use of containerized applications in production is becoming mainstream — and it’s completely transformed how modern apps are developed and deployed.

The ability to break apart monolithic applications into smaller microservices is invaluable to the business, but not always opaque to IT teams.

But there’s a big disconnect when it comes to protecting these container-based applications.

In this webcast, a panel of experts from Fixate IO, Red Hat, and Cohesity will discuss:

  • How leading organizations are leveraging and deploying container-based applications today
  • Why protecting containerized applications should be a top priority
  • Why you should view protecting containerized applications differently 

Watch now to learn why your containerized applications need to be protected differently — and exactly how to do so.


Christopher Tozzi Headshot

Christopher Tozzi
Senior Editor and DevOps Analyst
Fixate IO

Vince Powers Headshot

Vince Power
Principle Solution Architect
Red Hat

Jon Hildebrand Headshot

Jon Hildebrand
Field CTO

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