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The state of data security and management

Practical tips for building cyber resilience strategies for IT and security leaders

Most IT and Security professionals fear that their cyber strategy isn’t robust enough to combat today’s cyber threats. In fact, more than 70% believe it would take over four days to recover from a cyberattack, and almost 90% say their company would pay a ransom to recover data and restore business processes.

Of course, when dealing with cybercriminals, there’s no guarantee paying a ransom means your data will be recovered—or that if it is recovered, it’ll be clean and free of malware.

Watch now to hear more highlights from our global survey, as published recently in The State of Data Security and Management Report 2023. Also hear how IT and Security leaders are tackling cyber threats more aggressively in the cloud era.

You’ll learn:

  • Which three data security and management challenges were most pressing for the 3,400 survey respondents
  • Why a data operating model can enhance data resilience (and how to develop one)
  • How to avoid paying a ransom during cyberattacks
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Terry Sweeney

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Megan LaFlamme
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