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When Rapid NAS Recovery Means Everything

Ransomware recovery for your most critical unstructured data

NAS Data Protection Means More Than Having a Good Backup — It Means Being Able to Recover Unstructured Data Fast

For many organizations today, unstructured data is more than just mission critical … it’s life or death. It’s also a prime attack target for ransomware.

When you need to protect and recover your data, it’s not enough to have a good backup solution in place. 

You need a next-gen solution that ensures business continuity when cybercriminals strike.

Watch this webcast on-demand to learn:

  • Why data-reliant organizations must think of data protection differently
  • What more you need, beyond a good backup solution, to keep your unstructured data safe
  • About the complexities and limitations of legacy solutions
  • How Cohesity’s single, unified platform addresses the unique challenges of NAS data protection with SmartFiles

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Tim Desai

Tim Desai
Product Marketing Director

Lance Boley

Lance Boley
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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