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Cohesity Fault Tolerance - Data Integrity for Modern Web-scale Environments

In today’s digital economy, data is the most valuable asset for any organization. With data resilience as one of the guiding principles, Cohesity’s fault-tolerant system is designed to ensure data integrity under all conditions — near full compute, memory, or storage capacity, network congestion, or hardware (motherboard, memory, or disk) failures.

Cohesity has been architected from the ground up to handle the hardware failures that can become especially disruptive in large, web-scale environments. The goal of this white paper is to show how Cohesity addresses resiliency with its fault-tolerant, distributed architecture. This document first goes through an overview of Cohesity’s underlying components and architecture, then explains various fault domains and failure scenarios, and finally demonstrates the flexibility Cohesity provides to configure the ideal resiliency.

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