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Learn the nuances of data management by the time you drink a coffee.

Tired of Long Webinars? Join Cohesity Espresso!

Tired of long online events that can feel boring and repetitive after five minutes? 

Get a kick-start with Cohesity Espresso, a series of regular webcasts, that can be watched in the time it takes for you to enjoy an Espresso at home. 

You’ll learn that data management is more than just back-up, cyber resilience, or a promise. It is a platform that supports you to handle your daily challenges— today and in the future. 

Get rewarded with a limited-edition Espresso cup from Cohesity when you subscribe to the series of webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

Nobody likes to physically manage tapes but having an air gap is more essential than ever in this insecure world. Learn how Cohesity can solve this problem for you while eliminating costly tape handling fees, all managed under one UI.

On-Demand Webinars

Learn about why protecting Active Directory is crucial to your organisation, especially during a mass recovery event, and some tips and tricks on finding changes within your AD structure using Cohesity’s Data Management platform.

Whether you are recovering from an error or a mass malware attack on your infrastructure, mass VM restore has become table stakes in getting you up and running quicker than ever especially when you have complicated applications stacks that integrate with each other. Learn about this market-leading feature from Cohesity and how it works.

Microsoft won’t point this out, but there is no backup included with M365. So having a solution that keeps you in check with your own data retention policies as well as auditors & compliance laws is extremely important. Learn how you can achieve this with either SaaS and/or on-prem solutions managed by Cohesity.

While we can’t stop ransomware  from happening, it’s how you respond that counts. With early detection, the blast radius of an attack can be dramatically reduced and combined with mass VM restore capabilities, Cohesity has you covered. Learn about this capability during this bite sized webinar.

As demands from your business increase, modern database technologies are being introduced into your environment, sometimes through the back door. A modern, not legacy, backup solution that can reliably back up and restore these modern workloads is an essential tool to have. Learn about how Cohesity helps its customers achieve this in this webinar.

To stay competitive and agile, enterprises have adopted the concept of polyglot persistence — developers are empowered to choose the right tools and databases that are “fit” for purpose. To protect this wide range of databases, IT teams must deploy a host of backup solutions that make IT operations complex.

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