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Adaptive and automated data protection with Cohesity DataHawk and Cisco XDR

Identify threats, assess attack impact, and speed up recovery

When you are in the midst of a cyberattack, the speed of your response matters. Every second counts as you scramble to minimize the extent of data loss and disruption to business-critical applications.

Cohesity DataHawk, is our comprehensive data security solution that helps you protect, detect, and recover from cyber-attacks combining threat protection and scanning, ML-based data classification and cyber-vaulting, all in one single Cohesity Data Cloud platform. It’s your first and last line of defense for your data when your network and endpoint security fail.

In this on-demand demo you will understand how Cohesity DataHawk integrated with Cisco XDR reduces the time between threat detection and backing up critical data to near zero, thus minimizing data loss and limiting disruption to your business operations. Use early and immutable backup snapshots to help accelerate response and recovery activities.

You will learn:

  • Learn about Cohesity DataHawk integration with Cisco XDR
  • How to detect anomalies and emerging attacks
  • Understand the impact of an attack and assess the impact by classifying data to determine if sensitive data was compromised
  • Reduce data loss during a ransomware attack and how to recover quickly and with confidence
  • Accelerate digital forensics, response, and recovery
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Stefan Riegel
Pre-Sales Engineer (SaaS)

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Mustafa Mustafa
Solutions Engineering Manager XDR EMEA,

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